Sterling Anthony, CPP

I provide a range of services valuable to an attorney-client, from the time I’m retained to the time of settlement or verdict.  What makes my services unique, however, is the combination of experience, training, knowledge, and careers that back them up.

Consulting:  I give advice and insights gained through decades of working with attorney-clients; as such, I am able to accommodate the entire spectrum of styles and personalities.  I am a consultant, by profession, serving industrial, institutional, and government clients; therefore, my skills in consulting are being honed constantly.

Analysis:  I provide depth, creativity, and critical thinking, always devoted to bringing something new in every contact with the attorney-client.  I am a quick study, made more so by my policy of never taking on a case unless it is solidly within my areas of expertise.

Site Inspections:  Throughout my career, I have been in scores upon scores of facilities, in a wide variety of industries, making a wide variety of products.  I’m knowledgeable about plant-layout and facility-safety and have performed many audits.

Testing: Depending on the need, I can utilize my associations with a network of laboratories.  I also have designed and conducted tests when there was no standardized protocol that was a fit for the case-at-issue.  Well aware of concerns regarding chain-of-custody and spoilage of evidence, I explain in advance the testing strategy to the attorney-client and I never proceed without approval.

Opining:  My opinions are logical, cogent, and held within a reasonable degree of professional certainty.  I am bound by an ethical code, wherein I shape my opinions to the facts and never attempt the reverse, leaving it to the attorney-client as to how my  opinions are incorporated into case strategy.

Report Writing:  My reports are well organized and ruthlessly edited.  I know the types of language that weakens reports.  I’ve done much writing as an expert but also as a prolific author of technical articles.

Testifying:  Whether at deposition or at trial, I bring a command of the facts of the case. My demeanor always is professional and respectful of all parties.  Most of all, I will always tell the truth.